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We offer varied levels of fitness training to suit all walks of life, all fitness and unfitness levels, all ages and all backgrounds. In short, mff sessions (My Fitness Family) have been adapted to suit all fitness needs and intensity levels. mff operates throughout Staffordshire and the West Midlands, in particular Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield, Walmley and Appleby Magna.

We offer Beginner/intermediate sessions. These sessions are for all fitness /unfitness levelsThey’re fun, friendly, social and music based fitness to help motivate and create atmosphere. Click into ‘My Sessions’ on the navigation bar and click into ‘Beginners/Intermediate’ to find out more and to watch a promotional video

mff also offers an advanced aggressive form of training for those wanting no-nonsense, no frills training. If agressive training is for you then our ‘manoeuvres‘ sessions are what you are looking for. You will be trained in various locations and informed on the day where you are to meet. Click into ‘My Sessions’ on the navigation bar and select ‘manoeuvres’ to find out more and to watch a promotional video.

mff has formed various partnerships to offer fitness solutions. These include: Schools in Tamworth and Birmingham, Staffordshire County Council ‘Young People’s Project’, ‘Age Uk South Staffordshire’ and Corporate Clients. Each customer is unique and mff offers a variety of specific adaptable training to suit each customers criteria. More partnerships are being discussed to offer more charitable funded work. More information can be found by clicking into the ‘My Sessions’ on the navigation menu and selecting your specific search.

mff has interests in supporting local and national charities to raise much needed funds. This year has seen an overwhelming £1,200 raised by mff members for The Race for Life, there is a video in My Fitness Sessions, however this one is not a promotional video, this one was made as an upbeat stand against cancer and demonstrating a refusal to give in to cancer. This video offers perspective not advertising, our members made the video

My Fitness Family also offers support and guidance for a variety of Health, Fitness, Training and Nutritional areas i.e.: Training Well Being  – which discuss topics such as Dynamic Warm Ups, Cool Down, Outdoor Training Guide and Heart Rate Training Zones. Physical Well Being – which looks into Spinal Alignment, Cramp, Acute Injury Prevention, Ankle Sprains. Nutritional Well Being – involving Healthy Food Plans, Training Food Tips, Hydration, Obesity Solutions

To be technical you will do at least one of these types of training plan each month in a circuit environment whilst having fun:

Pulse Raising Techniques, Dynamic Flexibility Routines, Weight Loss, Fat Reduction Inch loss, Body Toning, Core Strengthening, Core Development, Boxercise & Kick Boxercise Routines, Flexibility Training, Agility Training, Specific Heart Rate Training, Advanced Cardio Training, Resistance Training, Lactic Acid Threshold Training, Creatine Phosphate Training, Fast Twitch & Slow Twitch Muscle Fibre Training, Isolation Training, Tri-set Training, Muscular Endurance Training, Muscular Strength Training, Plyometric Training Speed Agility, Energy System Resistance & Strengthening Training Cardio Blast Training VO2 Max & Training Performance Recovery Training Sports Specific Training 10k & 5k Preparation Programmes Boxing Training Kick Boxing Training, Postural Exercises, Rehabilitation Exercises, PNF Stretching.

Take a look at some of the videos on the My Gallery navigation menu to see how un-intimidating the sessions are … take a look and get in touch to find out more

My Fitness Family offers one to one Personal Training with a host of Personal Trainers in Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield, Walmley, Birmingham and Appleby Magna.

My Fitness Family has professional partners offering therapy support with Specific Sports Injury Therapists, Podiatrist, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Spinal Therapists, Nutritional Supplements, Dentistry and Oral Health Care. Please view the My Fitness Team Navigation Bar to find the range of support on offer.

Depending on the fitness plan you require My Fitness Family has prices to cater for all budgets and lifestyle needs … Personal Training programmes vary in price according to your specific goals .. contact My Fitness Family for more details and discuss how you can change your life today

Your Health and Future

Simon McNeilly & the My Fitness Family Team



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