Niki Warren Dip: MCST (WSCT)

Niki Warren Dip. MCST (WSCT)

I am a qualified Mctimoney-Corley spinal therapist, MET therapist and Swedish Masseur,  based in Whittington, Staffordshire.

Mctimoney-Corley therapy restores health to the body by gentle corrective manipulations of the head, spine, pelvis and limbs.

MET (Muscle Energy Technique) is used to treat somatic dysfunction, especially decreased range of movement, muscular hypertonicity and pain.

Swedish Massage is exceptionally good for increasing level’s of oxygen in the blood, decreasing toxins within muscles, improving circulation and flexibility whilst easing tension.

For more information visit or please feel free to call me for a chat about your problems on: 07855 851767      .

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