My Fitness Team

My Fitness Team are carefully selected, caring Personal Trainers specifically chosen by me because they clearly value people’s feelings. They train by educating, not preaching.

Many of the Personal Trainers working with me to make My Fitness Family an enjoyable experience, were once my own one-to-one personal training clients. I identified their enthusiasm and passion for fitness as well as their ambition to help others. They studied to become fully fledged Personal Trainers in their own right, and now achieve their goals with a smile, encouraging words and fitness expertise.

The rest of my fitness team have been closely observed and chosen because of their people skills and empathy. My Fitness Team are here to help everyday people keep fit and have fun for generations to come.




My Fitness Friends

My Fitness Friends are part of My Fitness Family’s health and well-being support network. They are professional, reputable companies who help, assist and educate people every day.

Not only have these particular companies been beneficial to me, personally, in my own quest to keep fit and healthy, but also to my clients who see and use them regularly.  Most of my one- to -one clients have benefited in some way from consultations to correct the numerous problems the body accumulates from regular exercise.

We’ve all experienced pain in either our feet, knees, hips, back, shoulders, arms, neck, head, gums and teeth, and at some stage we’ve all wanted to seek better nutritional advice to either loose weight, trim, tone or increase muscle mass.



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