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My name is Diana Glover I am a qualified nurse working within the local surgeries in the Tamworth area. I have always had a passion for fitness and generally keeping as healthy as I can. I have always enjoyed running and found that whenever I felt stressed this is how I would cope, I would just go for a run. Then I met Simon who became my personal trainer, Although I had tried to keep fit I longed to complete a 5k race for life and tone up, Simon showed me how the best way to do both, the more I exercised the better I felt. I trained with Simon twice a week and then completed the race for life and felt such a sense of achievement it was a brilliant feeling. I carried on training and then completed a 10k then some half marathons and this year completed the London Marathon. Exercise has helped me not only physically but mentally as well. It just shows you, if you put your mind to something you can achieve it!

Simon then suggested I train as a personal trainer, so I did and I trained with Lifetime and have never looked back I love it. I now can help other people enjoy exercise and help it become a way of life.

Consequently with the help and support from Simon, my life has changed for the better, im fitter than I have ever been im more confident and im also helping others not just through nursing but through been a personal trainer.

My Aims

I am an enthusiastic well motivated person; I can train you in your own home, at your work, outdoors or in my studio. Also there is an option for you to train in a group of people if you prefer.

My aim is to find out what you’re goal’s are and then we can work and train together, making it as enjoyable and fun as possible, just how Simon trained me!!

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