Simon McNeilly

Hi, I’m Simon Mc.Neilly,  the founder of the My Fitness Family. I also own & run my own Personal Training company

I’m a Personal Trainer who listens. I encourage, motivate and empathise. I’ll train you and take into account your nature and learning style. You will be challenged. I don’t shout but I am stern when needed. I believe in client care and client results.

‘mff’ (My Fitness Family) operates throughout Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield, Mere Green, Lichfield and Appleby Magna. To date I have helped many people reach specific health, mind, body & training goals from; weight loss, body toning, inch loss, body fat reduction, improved six pack & abdominal work, improved self esteem, improved confidence levels, stress management control, greater sense of well being, leaner muscle mass, improved muscle mass, improved flexibility & agility, through a variety of fitness, exercise && lifestyle techniques from food & nutritional advice, calorie control guidance, weight management observation through to exercise management which could be anything from walking for fitness, power walking, light jogging, boxing, interval training, circuit training

From our first conversation, be it one to one Personal Training or My Fitness Family training, we will arrange a free consultation without any obligations. Before the consultation I will have asked you to record a detailed food diary 5-7 days leading to our meeting. We will review them on the day. Based around your specific requirements i will tailor a nutritional plan for you to follow during our training time together.

From here we will draw up a plan of action and set realistic targets.

My style of training is unorthodox and unlike any other personal trainer i know. There are many elements to my training, the majority of our work will be outdoor, i show you how you can train yourself safely, effectively & specifically tailored to your body type and your specific objectives. I do have a small indoor studio which we will use for specific times during your training time with me.

Training correctly outdoor is one of the best ways to target calorie burning zones the reasons of which I will explain in detail when we are training. I train alongside you encouraging and motivating. If I think we are doing too much too quickly I will slow our session down, if I think you are not doing enough then you will work harder.

The session we do on the day is my preparation for our next session, preparing your body for your next session. Most of all it’s fun, enjoyable & rewarding. It will be hard work too. In some cases you will notice your self confidence levels increase. You will notice a change in your body shape & definition. You will notice your concentration & energy levels increasing. If it’s time for a change then call me so we can get going.

Simon McNeilly

REPs Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer

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