Personal Trainers

There are a number of reasons why people work with Personal Trainers:


The ultimate reason people choose a Personal Trainer is motivation. It’s imperative your trainer can motivate you to take that extra step. Focussed motivation is imperative. Supportive motivation is key.

Specific Fitness Results

A Personal Trainer will look at your current lifestyle, fitness programme, eating habits and adjust to produce effective workouts. The goals set will be realistic and achievable to meet your fitness objectives.

Challenging Workouts

The key to fitness success is challenging energy systems and muscle variety in a balanced, progressive way. Working alone, most people will do the same routine week in week out. A Personal Trainer will introduce your body to scientific, advanced workouts.

Personal Responsibility

From day one, a good Personal Trainer will educate his client and make them aware it’s what you do when you are not with a PT that’s important. He/She will place accountability on the client to change their lifestyle, encourage a healthier plan and achieve their goals within a specific time schedule. Your Personal Trainer will set mini challenges based on your workouts and request that food diaries are recorded.

Commitment in Your Fitness Schedule

Your Personal Trainer will diarise advanced sessions allowing you to focus on fulfilling your own personal fitness objective. From here, a periodised fitness plan will be written, specifically tailored for you, for the weeks ahead.

Training Styles & Technique

Technique is often over looked. The PT’s role is to educate technique and breathing pattern to prevent injury and to sustain fitness training.

Over time, working correctly with your Personal Trainer, you will see improvements in:Body shape, weight loss, body fat reduction, hydration, muscle mass, improved resting heart beat, improved nutritional plan, better understanding of fitness technique, corrective posture, advanced energy systems, cardiovascular training, resistance workouts, better well being and mental state, reduced anxiety, improved confidence.

Simon Mc.Neilly – Personal Trainer

I am the owner of My Fitness Family Group and  run my own Personal Training company based in Tamworth. I gained my Diploma in Personal Training Status through Lifetime Fitness Fitness To date I have helped many people reach specific health, mind, body & training goals from; weight loss, body toning, inch loss, body fat reduction, improved six pack & abdominal work, improved self esteem, improved confidence levels, stress management control, greater sense of well being, leaner muscle mass, improved muscle mass, improved flexibility & agility, through a variety of fitness, exercise && lifestyle techniques from food & nutritional advice, calorie control guidance, weight management observation through to exercise management which could be anything from walking for fitness, power walking, light jogging, boxing, interval training, circuit training

Diana Glover – Personal Trainer

I am a qualified nurse working within the local surgeries in the Tamworth area. I have always had a passion for fitness and generally keeping as healthy as I can. Personal Website:

Helene Mcleish – Personal Trainer

It took me only one session to decide to cancel my gym membership as I was enjoying training outside and the variety of the sessions so much. I have decided since then to train to become a fitness adviser with Lifetime Fitness and to work with the MFF team to bring fun and fitness to other members.

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