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My Fitness Family has formed partnerships with Staffordshire County Council ‘Young People’s Project’ to inject fun through fitness to children from different backgrounds. Working with TamYouth, other local Youth Centre’s. Partnerships have also been formed with various Schools in Tamworth. ¬†mff has made fitness fun and given children from a variety of backgrounds the chance to express themselves through exercise. The effects from these sessions has been astonishing in helping relieve anxiety, improving self esteem and improving learning. A recent ‘Superstars’ event has been successfully completed with Staffordshire County Council which is now leading to an inter county competition.

mff is also giving regular specific sports training to a Birmingham secondary school competing in a regional and national Netball League. Some of the students are currently undergoing Uk National trials and mff is pleased to be offering not only group training but individual personal training for optimal performance and results.

All the Schools, County Council & Specific Sports work above has been captured and compiled together on the promotional video below. Please note; Acceptance from Parents and Children has been granted to publish this video.

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